How do you know that you are in love

I could give you some stupidly patronizing answer like “You just know.”

Or I could say that a big red light starts glowing on your hand like that thing in Logan's Run.

But in real life it's more complicated.

See, in a lot of ways the whole idea of the overwhelming, romance novel love that stops EVERYTHING and has you racing to get a mini van is a MYTH. Read More →


How To Get A Guy To Notice You

Crucial Things to Get a Guy to Notice You

Submitted by: Rosy Anderson

Are there tricks to getting a guy to notice you? You are ready for some excitement in your life in the form of a new guy. So what do you need to do in order to get a guy to notice you?

1. Be yourself. Men can easily tell when you are fighting too hard to be someone else. It’s alright to admit that you prefer soap operas over football, that’s why we are entitled to our own tastes and preferences otherwise it would be a boring place if we were all the same Read More →

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