Every Guy’s Two Greatest Fears

Every Guy's Two Greatest Fears

He is itching to read this article, but you would never catch him doing it, and he definitely will not admit to wanting to know if he deepest and darkest secret are all out in public. In the backyard. In the center of a busy highway.

I bet he won't tell you, but I will spill the beans.

He will not dare share with anyone.

But first things first: Read More →


How do you know that you are in love

I could give you some stupidly patronizing answer like “You just know.”

Or I could say that a big red light starts glowing on your hand like that thing in Logan's Run.

But in real life it's more complicated.

See, in a lot of ways the whole idea of the overwhelming, romance novel love that stops EVERYTHING and has you racing to get a mini van is a MYTH. Read More →

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