Facebook Flirting Tips

Facebook Flirting Tips

by Derek  Lamount

Facebook Flirting TipsOn-line Pickup Artist Professional & Author of facebook flirting tips

So I’ve been relaxing right here for the last 10 minutes in awe thinking about how to flirt online.

The reason why? Well, I’ve been looking at Facebook’s most current user-base statistics… and let me explain to you some thing. They are certainly incredible. As of right now…there are somewhere around more than SIXTY-FIVE MILLION ACTIVE USERS!

Now, I don’t have to say this…but I’m going to anyhow. This is a bloody gold mine for picking up girls on facebook. But I’ll get to that a little bit later…

I can’t perhaps begin to envision how hot those Facebook servers are running… simply because that is outrageous. Not only is their user-base absurd, but their own development has been simply as despicable; two hundred and fifty thousand brand new members each and every single day that passes…3% weekly growth…doubling in size every 6 months. Whew. Alot of those are womens you can flirt with facebook flirting tips.

Evidently, according to this information, no one uses Facebook. End sarcasm!

Most of us are living in an era where nearly everybody has one of these little accounts. It’s practically borderline necessary to possess one of these accounts if you want to operate “normally” in society… and I’ll verify it to you.

Let me tell you about one of my good acquaintances. His name was Andrew… and I bet everyone knows a person similar to Andrew.

He Disliked the total Facebook/MySpace movements, proclaiming that he would never…ever…get a Facebook account. And yeah…when a thing is as ridiculously popular as Facebook, there are likely to be a very good handful of downright HATERS.

But let’s confront it. Whether you’re a Facebook fan (…logging into your account each and every single day to check your wall posts and send out a couple of “pokes”) or just someone who definitely despises the social-networking movement, you can’t refute the fact that it’s becoming an fundamental part in social dynamics.

I mean…you can keep in contact with folks you would typically NEVER speak to any longer, not to mention building up the relationships you currently have… you get invited to more interesting “events”… you get to discover what all your friends are up to at any given moment… and you get to meet some quite nice people if you try!

However anyways… back to Andrew. He begun to feel like his social-circle was departing him. No, his friends didn’t stop speaking to him because he didn’t have a Facebook account, but you could tell – he just didn’t have as many buddies as anyone else did. He didn’t get asked to as many birthday party events or going away celebrations. He simply didn’t get to know as many people…

You may possibly be thinking…well, perhaps Andrew is simply just a loser! He wasn’t. He was a very good-looking boy with a very good head on his shoulders.

However, it was easy to see that he was a minor more “disconnected” from society. And you know what? After Andrew relocated back to Toronto a few days ago… even I lost contact with him.

Sad, isn’t it? With a few of your “not so close” buddies, you nearly have to Count on another communications medium to keep in contact with them… that’s what Facebook’s for. We might as well make the most of it then.

So how am I going to connect this in with women?


Think about almost all the lovely, gorgeous women that are on Facebook. It’s not a “nerds only” exclusive fan club anymore. THERE Are Several INSANELY BEAUTIFUL WOMEN ON HERE! But some of you are thinking… yeah… but it’s So simple to be marked a “creep” if I message one of them. Facebook flirting Tips will show you how.

I thought that as well till I got to know some of the most esteemed and elite “online pickup artists” known to man. Facebook dating tips in this book is awesome.

Enable me put it this way. If you understand what you’re doing and you arranged up your Facebook/MySpace profile correctly, picking up the ladies on these internet sites is quick as PIE. I can teach you this precise method in my facebook flirting tips.

And let me tell you it is NOT the same as how you would approach a gal in real life… there are no “multiple threads” or typical “DHV” spikes (Demonstration of Greater Value) like you all may be comfortable with. Doing so can get your account reported or banned for harassment but I will show you how not to with this facebook flirting tips.

So do you want to learn about several techniques on how to attract, meet, and seduce these gorgeous women? You can get started by understanding how to fine-tune your profile so you won’t look like another average chump on the internet… visit www.OnlinePickupSecrets.com.

You can sign up for my cost-free e-course on how to attract girls with just written language. I also teach some fatal errors all fellas do when talking to gals on the internet! Don’t get left out.

So get with the times! The laws of attraction have continually been the very same, but there is a brand new and easier method to use them.

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-Derek Lamont

Facebook Flirting Tips