Facebook Poke Flirting

Facebook Poke Flirting

facebook poke flirting     By Derek Lamont Facebook poke flirting expert.
Online Pickup Artist Expert & Author

    Alright listen up ladies and gentlemens. I need to get this off my chest before I go INSANE

    So numerous males that pickup young ladies on the net using facebook poke flirting make this mistake. I suggest, it seems like it would do the job, but it really… REALLY doesn’t.

    This error that I’m mentioning… BRINGING UP SEX TOO EARLY!

Facebook Poke Flirting

    Every guys seems to want to talk about the topic of sex way too in advance. DON’T. For many HIGH QUALITY females, it’s a sure signal that you’re just a horny punk with no respect.

    That doesn’t mean that you can’t discuss sex… but that’s even further down the road when you’ve acquired enough TRUST and COMFORT… and frequently, I wouldn’t talk about sex until you actually MEET the woman in real life first!

    Ladies have this harmful image of how guys are on the webthey believe there are a ton of weird fellas that DON’T know how to REALLY please a female… and by bringing up sex way too early, you are falling right into this “creepy category”…!

Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean you can’t use facebook poke flirting online. You only need to know HOW to do it effectively and make sure you don’t come off the wrong way.

    You can express what I call “Online IOI’s” or “Online Indicators of Interest.” An Online IOI can mean “lol’ing” at their jokes, increasing the volume of what you write, decreasing the duration of intervals between of messages, etc.

    Merge these in with certain “Online IOD’s” and now you have a technique for building a tremendous amount of charm through your instant messages or e-mails…

    Need to know the full system for getting those stunning ladies you seen on Facebook/MySpace or online dating web sites in your bed? Then visit my web site and check out facebook poke flirting where I’ll tell you… for FREE!
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Facebook Poke Flirting

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