How To Get A Guy To Notice You

Crucial Things to Get a Guy to Notice You

Submitted by: Rosy Anderson

Are there tricks to getting a guy to notice you? You are ready for some excitement in your life in the form of a new guy. So what do you need to do in order to get a guy to notice you?

1. Be yourself. Men can easily tell when you are fighting too hard to be someone else. It’s alright to admit that you prefer soap operas over football, that’s why we are entitled to our own tastes and preferences otherwise it would be a boring place if we were all the same. To get a guy to notice you, let him see that you are comfortable with whom you are and he will be interested in know you more. If not, then the world is a big place, someone else will notice you. Whatever happens, never nag or stalk, all men are allergic to this and it will send him flying away from your sight.

2. First impressions. This has to do with your attention to your appearance. To get a guy to notice you, take your time in front of that mirror to look good. That bad hair day can cost you by taking you off the radar of the guy you have been eying. Dress sharply but appropriately, decency is a key issue here. Do not overdo your make up, its looks artificial and attention seeking. When it comes to perfume, delicate would do.

3. Accentuate your assets. Every woman has that one thing that they think looks incredibly good, pay attention to it. You not only look great but you also feel good about yourself meaning boosted confidence. To get a guy to notice you, flaunt those beautiful eyes and for the flawless legs, walk gracefully with that pencil skirt.

4. Body language. Let it be as attractive as it can get as it’s what men see right away. Walk with your chin up, those shoulders do not have to stoop, it will only make you look either shy or intimidated. Men on the other hand prefer women who exhibit confidence. Do not underestimate the power of a smile; you automatically look approachable and willing to share your company. As for the eyes, give him that contact that says you are interested in what he is saying. To get a guy to notice you, let your every movement reflect your intelligence, poise, charm, integrity and grace.

5. Flirting. To get a guy to notice you, walk in front of him deliberately but be careful lest you stumble and fall right under his nose. Look at him then look away. Wink at him when he leaves but please wait for the signs before you do it, something like his smile. Rules here ask for a balance, too much flirting might scare him away.

6. Speak your mind. We are in unison that most men like liberated women, tell him what you think. He could disagree with you but will respect you for having your own opinion. Trust me if you keep calling your girls for their opinion on everything, he will not be interested in knowing you.

7. Hang around him. Do not overdo it; you do not want him to know your entire life in ten minutes. Snatch a few minutes with him during lunch break. Do not be straight forward; mystery will make him anticipate your next encounter.

8. Be outgoing. If you think he likes you then go for it. Ask him for a date, it does not have to come out too strong, how about a cup of coffee after work, he will not only be amazed by the invitation but will most probably return the favor by asking you for a proper date.

9. Show interest in knowing him. Do your homework right and get to know what he likes and dislikes, though not necessarily from him. For those things you are clueless on, ask him interestedly, and he will be more than willing to teach you.

When you apply these practical tips the guy will not only notice you but will want to know even more about you. Make sure that these tips are ingrained in you as a lifestyle as they will be key in keeping the guy that you have attracted.

About the Author: Rosy Anderson is a researcher in social economic issues and how these determine individual behavior.She has a wealth of experience in relationships.