Relationship Boredom Advice

If you are in a theater and watching a movie that suddenly gets
really boring, what do you do?  Many people will actually walk out
and try to find something on another screen that is more exciting
or at least interesting.  The temptation can be the same when
boredom strikes your relationship.

Teens are most likely to get into trouble when they are bored.  A
large percentage of affairs take place when there is a lull in
one's marriage.  Even pets are apt to destroy property if they
don't have toys with which to play and chew.

Here are some tips to keep relationship boredom at bay in your relationships:

–    Set up a weekly date night.  It doesn't have to be expensive and
it should be varied if possible.  Check the entertainment section
of your newspaper for ideas (there are many free concerts, plays
and exhibits in most cities.)

You can find over 300 Creative Date night ideas here:

–    Maintain a weekly family night.  Play board games, do crafts, go
through old photo albums, make fun snacks and rent a movie, go out
for ice cream or doughnuts.

–    Have fun with a mutual hobby.  If you don't have one, start one.
Check out the continuing education series your high school or
community might put together.  You can learn to ballroom dance,
make pottery, paint with oils or refinish furniture.

Relationship Boredom Advice

–    Make sporting a couples activity.  Learn the rules of your mate's
favorite sport.  Pack a picnic and go watch the sport together –
live or in front of the television.  Make a friendly bet about the
outcome of the game.

–    If you are a sports junkie, give some of it up!  You can't be
married to your mate and the television.  You might not be bored,
but your sweetheart probably is.  Remember what can happen when
your mate is bored.

–    Keep physically fit together.  Go on walks, ride bikes, play
tennis or go work out together several times each week.  You will
feel better, have more energy and will have more time to

While blissful relationships don't need to be “a laugh a minute”
couples need to take precautions from letting boredom take over.
Boredom is actually a sign that apathy, neglect or resent has
visited your relationship.

Relationship Boredom Advice