Secrets of Blissful Relationships

Let me share with you some things that really bug me and maybe you

–    A woman who nurses her precious baby exactly 3, 6, or 9 months
because that is the minimum amount she heard you should

–    Women who schedule the delivery of their baby so it is in the
womb the minimum amount necessary to avoid any additional
discomfort for her

–    A parent who allows an irresponsible and immature child to get
his or her license simply because they have reached the minimum age
allowed by law

–    Youth who flaunt their legal right to consume alcohol at the
minimum age 18 or 21 even though many don't live up to the
responsibilities that come with that right

–    Employees who show up to work the absolute minimum number of
hours and days required (taking all their sick days whether they
are ill or not)

–    People who call themselves spiritual but only worship/pray/gather
the minimum times they feel like they should

I think you get the idea. Aiming for minimum usually pays back with
minimum rewards and satisfaction. In many cases, *just squeaking
by* can have disastrous results.

I'm constantly amazed at the number of people who say they desire
to have a blissful relationship but to me, seem to always be doing
so with the minimum effort. Many marriages would be dramatically
transformed if couples would instead shoot for maximum.

–    See just how many times a day you can kiss each other. Try
substituting the little pecks for passionate kisses in the kitchen
that last for 3 minutes or longer.

–    Put the maximum amount each month in your savings plan. Financial
peace of mind will bring much peace to your relationship.

–    Use a timer when making love some times. Set a goal to go for 30,
40 or more minutes. Use the maximum amount of foreplay.

Secrets of Blissful Relationships

–    Date for a longer period than you think you should before getting
engaged to make sure you REALLY know each other. And wait the
maximum time (wedding night) before you become intimate.

–    Make love twice as often as you typically do for 4 weeks
straight. It will have a dramatic impact on the both of you.
Schedule it if necessary to achieve this goal

–    Most couples spend about 5 to 10 minutes in real conversation
each day. Aim to devote one or more hours each day to good
conversation. That probably means turning off the television.

–    Make it a goal to eat EVERY meal together as a family. You can
probably adjust your schedules more than you think to be able to do
this. Of course lunches might be impossible depending on school and
work locations.

–    Take all of your vacations together – and then some. Take time
off without pay if necessary to get away (or vacation at home)
together. One or two weeks a year vacation is almost criminal. Our
bodies and minds need much more rest than that.

–    Grow the spiritual (and most important) part of your relationship
by praying together, worshiping with others and giving to
churches/charities as much as you can. This is the area that
rewards you most for shooting for the maximum.

If you want to reach the peak of your career, you don't get there
by giving the minimum performance. If you want to retire with
wealth, you do it by investing with zeal. Scholarships are awarded
to those who go well above and beyond what is expected. Having a
blissful relationship is no exception. You need to put forth more
than the minimum.

Secrets of Blissful Relationships