Why dinner and a movie date suck

The #1 date in the U.S. (and probably many other

places all over the world) is dinner and a movie.  No

wonder our divorce/break-up rate is so high in the U.S.

Simply put, that is just about the worst date possible for a couple!

Think about it for a minute , for 2 hours you are letting a screen

entertain you and you have zero communication

with your mate.  On top of all of  that the magic of movie

making creates some very unrealistic scenarios that just don't happen

in the real world.  Itsets you up to see your real life as “boring”.

Why movie and a dinner date suck

While a movie might spark some decent discussion,

there are far better date ideas that will bring up far

more meaningful conversation.

One of the chief problems with the dinner/movie

scenario is the regularity of it.  Even with lovemaking,

if you do the exact same thing every time — it

becomes a bit BLAH!

If you spice up your dating (1st date or 1000th date)

your relationship will be fresh, exciting and full of fun.

==> Michael Webb's famous date ideas


Not too long ago I came across Michael Webb.  He

was invited by Oprah to be on her show a few years back

because he is one of the world's top experts on helping

couples create and keep romance in their relationships.

A great date idea that I borrowed from Michael was to

have a date making homemade ice cream from scratch.

We found a good recipe and went shopping for the

ingredients.  We also bought some fun toppings –  candy

bars we could chop up  and fresh fruit.  We went home

and had great conversation while we were making it

and eating it.  We both agreed it was FAR BETTER than

a movie/dinner (and so much cheaper).

Michael has compiled over 300 really creative date ideas

(most costing $20 or less).

==> 300 Creative Date Ideas for you to enjoy